Welcome to Fawcett's Pharmacy
Serving Princeton, IL Since 1906

Hello and welcome to Fawcett's Pharmacy!

Co-owners David and Brenda Weber invite you to explore the website and discover who we are, the products we carry and the services we offer. We have been in the pharmacy business since 1984. After operating the Walnut Drug Store in Walnut, IL. for 18 years, we purchased Fawcett's Pharmacy in Feb. of 2002 located at 611 S. Main. That location served the store for 70 some years. After realizing the business "out-grew" the building, we purchased the former Eckdahl clothing store at 519 S. Main and moved here in May of 2007. We are delighted with the extra space and a much more modern pharmacy area.

Fawcett's Pharmacy dates back to 1906 and by clicking on the history section you can learn a little more about our past (we are still learning and gathering information on the business and would greatly appreciate any info and/or photos of the original building and owners).

Pharmacy has come a long way since the early 1900's. We currently enjoy a state of the art pharmacy computer system that keeps us on the cutting edge of technology. We can fax your physicians directly from our computer for prescription renewals and they can now use a new secure method of prescribing called E-Script. This technology allows your physician to send your prescriptions directly to our computer where they are filled and await your pick-up.

This brings us to one of the most exciting features of this website. You can now view your own prescription profile and refill your prescriptions by clicking on the "Prescription Refill" section. Here you can review your prescriptions and even view and print out information on your medicines. Send your refill request directly to our computer and your prescriptions will be ready for you when you stop in. We can also deliver or mail them to you as per your request. Just click on the Prescription Refill tab at the top of the page and register your account today. You can then refill your prescriptions online. There also is an app for smart phone users to refill prescriptions via cell phone!

Finally - Fawcett's Pharmacy is more than just a building or fast service or hi-tech computers. Fawcett's is most importantly about those who are here to care about your needs and are ready to listen. Many, many times we have prayed with those who are willing to share their hurts and their needs. We have a staff that is truly concerned about your welfare.

So please stop in, have a free soda or coffee and request your wallet card. Don't forget to mention you read about us here on this website.

One final note: If possible please use Internet Explorer to access the website, especially the "Prescription Refill" feature. Also, if the pharmacy appears offline simply refresh the page.

Thank you very much, and we hope to see you soon as our current or new customers!!

David and Brenda Weber

Picture taken at Cannon Beach, OR


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